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To promote American Zen Buddhism

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• Meditation Instruction by Genpo, Roshi

Genpo Merzel provides complete and detailed instructions on how to sit, how to breathe and how to focus the mind in Zen meditation, a valuable lesson for beginners and experienced meditators.

• Zen Photography by Daido, Roshi

Daido Roshi is a world class photographer who has published many books, articles and instructions on the art of photography. He shares with us his Zen approach to photographing nature. Included are photographs that illustrate the result of his unique method.

• Introduction and Demonstration of Big Mind by Genpo, Roshi with Jonathan Lang

Big Mind is considered by many to be at the leading edge of American Zen Buddhism, combining the psychological approach of dialogue therapy and Zen training. Learn how Genpo Roshi developed this remarkably effective technique, and watch him demonstrate this process with Jonathan, the main character in "The Legend of Bodhidharma."

• Zen Questions and Answers.

The four Roshis from the film answer questions relating to Zen in modern America, from who meditates, to women in Zen, and how anyone can benefit from learning how to meditate.

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The Legend of

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The Movie Debut at The Lenz Foundation Leadership Conference
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